Lanise encountered her first Ridgeback while visiting San Francisco in 1995.  She felt an instant connection to this beautiful creature and thought to herself “If I was able to take him right here and now he would be mine forever.”  Lanise, so moved by the raw power and aura of that dog, immediately began researching the breed. After studying Ridgebacks for a several years Lanise decided it was time to find one of these regal animals to call her own. Together with her husband Pete she drove to Calico Ridge to meet with Diane Jacobsen in March of 2000. She recalls her heart pounding in her chest and feeling as if she was about to adopt a child. It was here that both Lanise and Pete fell in love with a male puppy whom they promptly took home and named Saber. Little did they know that this one small act would be how Saberidge was born.


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The Beginning

The Present

The Future

While Lanise manages the day to day operations of Saberidge, it is truly a family affair.  As you can see from the photos below Lanise, Pete and the children all love showering the newborn puppies with love and attention.  Even after the dogs leave their home they remain part of the McCracken’s forever family.  Lanise shows her own dogs at AKC Shows as well as the dogs belonging to other owners of the Saberidge line.  Pete exercises the dogs by taking them along when biking and hiking and the kids provide the dogs favorite activities: playtime and snuggling!

The Saberidge family look forward to breeding another litter of champions in 2011. Stay tuned for more information.